I can’t drive at this point

I also have groceries and prescriptions now on a delivery repair too

I was recently in a car accident and I injured my driving leg. It has made driving easily difficult. I try to avoid getting in the car whenever I can. I don’t want to flare up my injury and my car is still being inspected over and patched up. I can’t exactly hop on a bike or a motorcycle either. My leg can’t take the stress. That means I either need to brave the drive, ask someone to pick things up for me, or have it sent to me. My dad is more than willing to help. He is consistently buying me groceries, picking up my pills and going to the post office for me. I hate to ask my father to do anymore errands. He has a life too! Certain errands also feel odd to ask my dad to do. I don’t want him to go to the marijuana dispensary near me and pick up my cannabis flower. It is totally legal and I have a medical weed card. I even have the card on file and my father is okay with it. It still seems odd having my father get my weed. Instead I just spend money on the extra fee to get marijuana delivery. It makes things easier. I can have my cannabis oil sent right to my front step and I just need to hobble that far. I also have groceries and prescriptions now on a delivery repair too. I am trying to limit how much my father needs to do for me. Eventually I am hoping to be on my own again. For right now, I am just happy that there are delivery services.

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