Had fun smoking with my dad on my birthday

The first time I got caught smoking pot I was around the age of 16… My dad took my joint away from me, plus then smoked the rest of it in front of my buddies.

  • I mean, he was able to kill half a joint in 3 huge tokes, plus then tossed the roach.

He told me that I was too young to smoke pot, plus that when I was 18 he would get me something good! Until then, he better not catch me smoking weed. I did keep smoking it, of course, but I never was caught again. The day after my 18th birthday, he came to my room with a small jar of cannabis from the dispensary. He told me that the stuff I had been smoking was useless, plus this was quality cannabis that would knock my boots off. At that point I had never encountered the high end cannabis from the dispensary before, I was limited to the garbage ditch weed available around the school building. The difference was huge, plus even though I had thought I appreciated marijuana, this was a whole modern world! Just some hits of this OG Kush from the dispensary plus all I needed to feel wonderful! Dad relaxed with me, plus puffed even more of my birthday cannabis than I did, however that was not an issue. It was cool that smoking marijuana was something awesome that both of us could do together, an experience both of us could share. After that we smoked regularly together.


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