Glad I changed to CBD

I have a pet bulldog who is already 12 years old.

I’m proud that he has done so well for so many years, however he’s also in a lot of pain.

He has back pain & the vet was giving him steroid injections every few weeks to keep the discomfort at large. It helped our dog so much that he was excited whenever I told him it was time to go to the vet! He is the only pet I have ever seen that was excited for his vet visits. Part of it was the treat I would give him afterward, however it was mostly the real relief he felt once the injection started to work on his back pain. I asked the vet if this was safe long term, & that’s when I learned the truth. He explained that these steroid injections aren’t enjoyable on his bones long term, literally weakening them slowly. I asked him if every one of us could try pet CBD products for a few weeks to see how he responds to that as some new route to steroid injections. To our luck, our vet had CBD products for sale & gave myself and others a sample to take home. My dog was full of energy & ran around the condo for 20 min before taking a nap. Now he’s on pet CBD products biweekly & hasn’t needed a steroid injection in over a year. I don’t feel guilty about keeping him alive anymore, nor do I feel like I’m doing him more harm in the long run by keeping his pain at bay with intense steroid injections. The CBD items have no long term side effects beyond sedation, however that wasn’t an issue. He exhibits a lot of excitement whenever I give him his CBD edible.


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