Cannabis was in our food thanks to Grandma

By and large, our family parties are not especially pleasant. The group of us are the sort of family that enjoys each other long-distance, however up close all we do is fight for the most part. Once or twice a year we all meet up at Grandma’s household in the country. Periodically it’s for a holiday or a birthday, sometimes it is just a reunion weekend for the siblings and their families. As I said, these are usually not much fun for me… until recently. Over Christmas, I observed an entirely chill vibe in the air, and later came to learn that Grandma had been mixing cannabis into our meals. I was not the only one frustrated with all the fights, it turns out, and Grandma had quite a gift for making cannabis edibles. I was aware that Grandma had a little patch of marijuana plants on her property, even though I never actually knew how nice she was cooking with it! That’s the reason no one ever knew Grandma was high, because she never actually smoked cannabis; she only ate it. And now all of us were eating small amounts of cannabis throughout the day, which is why most people were so chill. I guess I should be a little angry at her, however it isn’t like cannabis is dangerous. She didn’t give any to the children, just the bad adults. I told Grandma that I would keep her dirty little secret, however only if she gave me some additional cannabis that I could smoke on my own. She didn’t need to lie to me about the marijuana at all, I am a huge fan of smoking it to be honest.
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