A boost of happiness with CBD

After our rent went up, I asked our boss if he needed any additional help with overtime shifts.

  • I was excited to learn that he has been looking for workers to fill in for overtime work during the past few weeks.

His contracts are growing & every one of us has more clients now than ever before. It’s also nice to have the opportunity to drive across the state once a week to fill in at the other office while an executive fulfills a long & terrible jury duty process. At first I was doing entirely well with our expanded schedule, despite the increased workload. I wasn’t feeling too much heat or fear, & I likened it in our brain to the hard portions in university when it felt like the walls were closing in on me. However, lots of coffee use for weeks starts to take its toll eventually, & it was clear that I needed something to help with the stimulant-induced anxiety. That’s when I discovered CBD isolate powder. This strong CBD extract can be vaporized & immediately gives myself and others a feeling of relaxation followed by a gentle increase in mental awareness & focus. It keeps me feeling happy without allowing our brain to panic in a state of frenzied anxiety. Using CBD during the day gives me a little push that helps me finish our mornings without too much stress & anxiety. I also get them on sale when I purchase bulk quantities of 10 grams or more at a time. My friend uses CBD now as well, however he buys skin patches to put at the base of his spine to numb his sciatic nerve. It will alleviate the nerve pain he feels in his left hip & foot after being on his feet for seconds at a time.

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