Need better employee retention

Everything is different now. COVID has ruined a lot of things. There are materials that are impossible to get, prices are higher and I can’t seem to get anyone to work. It is ridiculous. The turnover rate at my cannabis dispensary is absolutely horrible. I can’t get qualified people to work anymore and I don’t know what to do. I read online that a lot of cannabis stores rely on a cannabis consultant to help them tighten up business. I talked to the cannabis consulting service on the phone and felt a little better. The recreational cannabis consultant has contacts in the weed world. He said that he could easily find me qualified bartenders that are trained to handle my recreational cannabis dispensary. He also told me that I needed to start requiring classes that my budtenders take. There are cannabis education places that teach about being a budtender, running a dispensary and cannabis 101 that details seed to sale. I do like all of those suggestions. The cannabis consultant said he could also take a look at my dispensary and see if there are ways to make it more efficient as well. It won’t affect my staff but could help my business immensely. He said something as small as the store layout could really make a difference in how the business operates. I haven’t worked with my recreational cannabis dispensary consultant very long but I already like him. He knows the business and has worked with people in it for years.
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