My Dad wasn't glad about the nurse recommendation

My best friend Jack went to the nurse & got a prescription for medical marijuana, and the girl told the nurse that she suffers from anxiety & depression.

The girl has been upset more than one afternoons in her whole life.

The nurse didn’t ask a lot of questions… Jack said I should go get a medical marijuana card as well & then I can both go to the dispensary to shop for marijuana! I was joking around with my Dad on Thursday & I told her that I am going to the nurse to get a card so I can buy medical weed… My Dad didn’t think it was a funny joke, she threatened to kick me out of the will if she found out that I was a pot-smoking hippie. I laughed & chuckled, but I knew my Dad was 100% serious, then after talking to my mom, I clearly knew what her position would be if I decided to get a prescription for medical marijuana. I didn’t even bother talking to my dad about it, because I think that she has a truly strong opinion on marijuana, however he’s even worse than my Dad when it comes to drugs & alcohol. I am going to talk to the nurse about a medical marijuana card & I am hoping the girl will certify me so I can beginning purchasing items from the dispensary; Clearly I will need to keep this part of my life a secret from my Dad & dad if I want them to continue to treat me like a normal part of the family.

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