I decided to get some things before going home

I live in the middle of the country where corn plus potatoes grow for miles plus miles, then people in this section don’t suppose that marijuana has any medical value at all, and every one of us are a single of only 17 states that do not allow some form of marijuana as a medical treatment, and when our boss sent myself and others to a place where medical plus recreational marijuana is legal, I was amazed by the change of attitude that people have about the drug, there were billboards plus advertisements all over the place for recreational plus medical marijuana shops; I easily wanted to check out a single of the places, so I found some time to get away from our co-workers plus I took a cab to a recreational marijuana shop.

I was totally amazed by the products that were available; One of the counters had free samples plus I took a dab from a equipment that looked care about a vape pen.

I only had a single of the dabs plus I instantly felt relaxed plus calm. It was a feeling I can’t easily explain, but I felt more relaxed than I ever have in our life. I didn’t get easily high but I could tell that I smoked something, but before I went back to our beach house in the middle of nowhere, I went back to that dispensary plus purchased a few strange products. I shipped a box of items to our beach house address. It was risky plus totally illegal, but I was willing to take a risk after I felt that amazing; My partner was easily surprised when the box arrived before me.

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