Delivery drivers make good cash on the weekends

When I moved out of our parents home and got an home of our own, I had to gain more cash, and it costs a lot of cash to pay rent, electricity, and water.

I still have to pay for gas, vehicle service, groceries, and sundry items appreciate toilet paper, toothpaste, and desmellant.

I decided to look for a section time job on the weekends so I could gain a few extra dollars from time to time. I planned to work at a pizza shop, but one of our friends helped me get a job at a marijuana delivery service, then my neighbor was already working for the marijuana delivery service and he knew they were looking for additional drivers, and the guy said good things to the manager and I didn’t even have to interview for the job. I didn’t think what to expect at the dispensary, then everyone was legitimately friendly and nice and even the manager seemed to be straight-forwardgoing. I had a couple of deliveries while in our first four hour shift and I made over $100 in tips. Most people were actually glad to see me and the tips were generally better than I think I would have gained from a pizza shop; Now that I am working a full shift on the weekends, I officially gain $200 on one shift. The extra cash from the delivery job at the dispensary helps pay for the extra things I need and want each month. I needed a new cable last weekend and I didn’t have any problem taking the cash out of our savings account. I had extra cash and I got the cable that I actually wanted.

Cannabis delivery service