The doctor can only give out so much pot

When the doctor prescribes medical marijuana to a patient, the patient has to sign a form that they will responsibly use the medication they are given.

  • A medical marijuana patient can buy up to 2 weeks of product at a single time.

The two of us do not request that our patients do this, because they often run out early. This is a huge concern that several shoppers run into each week & it causes quite a concern at the dispensary. The doctor is only allowed to give each Patient 2 oz of medical marijuana flower every 2 weeks. After the 2 oz total has been purchased, the patient is not allowed to purchase any more medical marijuana flower until the next time the prescription renews. The two of us still get a patient that is infuriated from time to time, however last year I had an encounter with a new patient. It was the woman’s first time in the store & she thought she was going to pull a fast a single on the staff. All of the medical marijuana purchases are kept in a file & each dispensary can see the patient’s record of purchases from the entire state. The new buyer came to the dispensary & she wanted to buy 2 oz of dried marijuana flower. I politely told the buyer that she did not have any available room on her prescription to make the purchase. The lady told myself and others that it was her first time in the store. I politely told the woman that we have a record of all of her purchases from other stores & those amounts were included as well. The woman became easily quiet & then she walked out of the store.


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