Can you get high on CBD?

My 16-year-old child came lake house from town the other morning, he wanted to drive my car since he just got his license, and I told him he could drive it down to the gas station and fill it up, then when he got home, he seemed kind of shady with how he was acting, and i asked if everything was okay? When I got upstairs, I heard him and his brother giggling.

While getting gas, he had seen packets of CBD at the counter, and purchased several of them. He was telling his brother that his best buddy was telling everyone how he got a unbelievable high off this new CBD product they were selling at the gas station, but as he was walking out of his brother’s study room, I stood there with my hand out. He looked at me appreciate I had multiple heads. I kept my hand out, and I told him to hand all several of them over; You would’ve thought his pet died the way he hung his head and walked away. When he came downstairs, I told him that CBD cannot make you high, and he had just wasted a lot of money. He looked at me and asked if I was serious, and if I did not realize ‌he could go to the gas station anytime and buy more of those CBD packets? I knew that was a possibility, but it was more likely that he had just lost his rights to the car, and any allowance that was owed, or will be owed ‌ for the next more than five weeks. I also made him tell me the name of his buddy who used the CBD, so that I could call his mother.

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