The cops showed up at the right time

The cops showed up at just the right time

There is a lot of violence in the city where I labor plus live. There are steel bars on the Windows of my apartment. I have 3 locks on the front door plus I have a baseball bat sitting next to the entryway. I try to protect myself in the event of an emergency, at work, there is even more security. I labor at 1 of the several medical plus recreational marijuana dispensaries in the area! We have steel bars on all of the windows plus doors plus all of the glass is made bulletproof. There is an armed security officer out front at all times plus there is also an armed security officer inside the lobby posted by the door. I’ve never seen any problems at the dispensary until last Wednesday night. There was a long line of people in the dispensary. That is not really unusual. We’re usually busy on the weekends. We don’t offer any delivery services plus all orders have to be venued in the store. A client started getting loud plus the security officer told the guy to quiet down. The client did not savor being told to quiet down plus he started arguing with the security officer. The officer from outside the dispensary came into the building plus a immense confrontation began. Thankfully someone decided to call the police. The cops showed up at just the right time. The security officers had everything under control, however they arrived just in time to escort the gruntled client away from the dispensary. The confrontation could have been bad, however everything turned out alright thanks to the extra security.

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