The pharmacist told me that CBD was best for pain.

When I first walked into the medical marijuana dispensary, I was told I had to talk to the pharmacist; Supposedly, the pharmacist was going to tell me about the prescription the medical professional sent in for me plus help me ‌choose the official items that I needed; What she told me was that they received the information from the state, plus I could choose anything I wanted in the dispensary, however being this was our first time at a marijuana dispensary, I wanted to think just what this pharmacist could do for me! I told her what they told me at the pain management clinic plus how they recommended I try particular marijuana products.

She told me that CBD would be best for our pain.

She said there were particular things in CBD that could relax me plus help me ‌ deal with our pain plus not need to worry about getting high from the THC. I did not want to walk around high all the time, so I had given no real thought to ever purchasing marijuana, however after listening to the pharmacist at a marijuana dispensary, I knew I was right about our decision. She showed me several products that they had that were particularly high in CBD. One of them was a lotion that I could apply topically to the areas that provided me a lot of pain. The other product was a tincture that I had to put under our tongue. I did not adore tincture, plus I only used it twice. I felt that if I was going to CBD, I was going to use something adore the roll-on, or lotion.

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