I spend more currency, despite the fact that I get better results

The cost of medical marijuana is severely high. The price per dosage is only second to HIV medication. Prices on marijuana have jumped 300% in the last several years thanks to the legalization of the product. Medical marijuana is not covered by any insurance provider. The cost to become certified is easily up to the patient. That is a single of the largest reasons why I waited a long time before I became certified for medical marijuana. I knew the process was difficult, because I would be required to see a doctor and fill out paperwork for the state. I wasn’t looking forward to the application process. Things turned out to be much easier than I anticipated. The process to apply for our medical marijuana card only took 15 minutes and our appointment with the doctor was only twice as long. I told the doctor that I wanted to start using medical marijuana to help with the pain and inflammation I have in our back from a automobile accident when I was 20. The doctor asked a couple of questions about our condition and he looked at our medical records. He gave myself and others some medical information about marijuana and signed our paperwork. 10 afternoons later I received a card from the state allowing myself and others to purchase medical marijuana from any dispensary. I easily spend more currency on healing and therapy now that I am using medical marijuana. I do get better results, so at least it’s not a waste of currency. It would be nice if medical marijuana was covered by insurance.

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