I could not stop staring at the tv after smoking the indica strain

I’ve had a lot of entirely great Indica strain, and i’ve been smoking recreational marijuana since I was 21 years old. I’ve tried every Indica strain from OG Kush to Skywalker OG to Grand Daddy Purp. When I went to the dispensary on Monday, the budtender told me to try a current Indica strain they just received. I was going to get the familiar items in my order, although I decided to swap out the fourth of Granddaddy Purp and I got the fourth papaya instead. I decided to try the papaya strain as soon as I got back to my apartment. I got out a current bowl and cleaned the screen. I put 1 of the buds from the package into the bowl and used my favorite lighter to torch the marijuana flower. I smoked the whole bowl. The taste of the papaya Indica strain was legitimately fruity and the smell was nice too. The Indica strain had a legitimately good effect. I found myself getting more and more tired. I found it strenuous to keep my eyeah open and I ended up staring at the cable for an hour. I sincerely do not even remember what was on TV. It could have been a movie or cable show. I just remember staring into space. I may have even been asleep with my eyeah open. It’s hard to tell, although I can say for sure that the Indica strain was absolutely 1 of the best indicas that I have ever tried from that particular marijuana dispensary. I’m absolutely going to add that strain to the daily rotation.



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