I have a few ideas about your web design.

When I bought my online CBD company franchise, it came with the website.

The website already had SEO installed throughout the entire website.

They gave me information on how we could make the website my own, and give the web design a flare that was on my own. I was proud of what I’ve done, and I was even getting a small influx of customers. My brother came home from college, and he asked if he could look at my web design. The first thing out of his mouth was that he had a few ideas for my web design. Told him I wasn’t interested in his ideas, and that my website was already doing well for me. I was making more money per week than I had thought I would in the first month. My brother however, was insistent on going over my web design and making changes. I kept telling him no, but he kept playing with my web design. I ended up needing to put a lock on my web design program, so that he could not get in and make any changes. I could not believe what my brother went to my mom and told her I would not let him change my web design. Fortunately, mom sided with me. She told him that the online CBD company franchise belongs to me and that he had to respect my telling him not to change the web design. I did however tell him that if I ever needed any changes done, I would come to him first. I figured that was the least I could do for a family member.

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