Starting the cannabis company was super strenuous work

Opening a cannabis shop was actually 1 of the most hard jobs that I have ever taken on, but one of our seasoned teachers from university was hired to work for a medical plus recreational marijuana corporation; The guy l earned a lot while I was in his several years plus he decided to leave the company to open a place of his own, however he called me on the iPhone, because I have a degree in advertising.

He wanted our expertise plus he was willing to pay me a big salary if I was willing to quit our job plus help him with the marijuana dispensary.

The option was completely surprising plus interesting, and it was hard to say no to the offer, so I didn’t, however my wifey wasn’t genuinely happy that I turned down a absolutely great job for a job in an illegal industry. The industry isn’tabsolutely illegal, however those were our wifey’s words of choice; She never liked the teacher when we were in university. She thought he was a hippie pothead. I assume now knowing the things that I do, that she was 100% right plus the teacher was a hippie pothead. I joined our friend for several months plus the many of us had 12 eighths of work every day for months, and all of us had a lot of paperwork to fill out plus a lot of decisions to make. Opening the cannabis shop was difficult, plus it took every ounce of energy to see the project through, then when we finished up, the teacher gave me a full-time position if I wanted to stay. I absolutely said no thank you.

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