The seedlings didn't look very healthy

Last summer I purchased a marijuana seedling from a local dispensary. I took the seedling home and managed to keep the marijuana plant alive for almost a month. Unfortunately, during the transplanting process the plant did not make it. I was looking forward to buying another plant from the dispensary, so I could try again. I waited an entire year to have the opportunity to buy another plant. I kept asking the manager when the seedlings would arrive and she told me to be patient. When they finally came into the dispensary, she called me on the phone and I came right down. I looked at all of the seedlings and they looked really healthy and green. The manager would not let me take any of the plants home that night. She had to check them all into the system and they had to stay in the dispensary for 24 hours before they could leave that building. It was a rule that had to do with the shipping and agricultural processes. I woke up bright and early the next day so I could go to the dispensary and pick up my plants. The seedlings didn’t look very healthy the second day when I went to the shop to look at the plants. They were wilted and dry. I didn’t want to waste my money, so I told the manager that I wasn’t happy with the plants. She looked really aggravated, but I know the plants weren’t going to survive much longer after they started to wilt and lose their color.

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