The live resin concentrate was very flavorful

Most cannabis concentrates are extracted using a chemical process or solvent.

  • I think it’s really easy to tell when live resin concentrates have been extracted using the BHO.

This is one of the more well-known ways to extract live resin from the plant. Using BHO, the process is relatively simple and easy. Unfortunately, the chemicals strip away the plants natural terpenes and many of the cannabinoids as well. Most of the cheaper live resin concentrate products do not have natural plant terpenes. A couple of months ago, I tried an inexpensive live resin concentrate that was very flavorful. It didn’t taste fake like terpenes were added to the product. It tasted very smooth and citrusy. I was truly impressed by the product. I decided to go back to the same dispensary to try a different one of the live resin concentrate products by the same company. I was not disappointed by the second live resin concentrate product either. It was a blue dream concentrate that was very flavorful. The color was light green and looked like the plant and the live resin concentrate had a very high total cannabinoid count. I haven’t been able to find another live resin concentrate product that is as nice as these. Even though they are about $10 more expensive than the cheaper live resin products, they are still a lot less money than many of the other products that offer the same wonderful high. I’ve looked for other products, but this brand is superior. I hope they continue to offer great products at low and affordable prices.

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