The last person to arrive was the most liked person

I was pretty excited when I found out that Jack was going to be done with work early enough to come to my Superbowl party.

Jack is one of my very best friends and the guy loves football almost as much as I do. He usually works on Sunday afternoons and he didn’t know if the boss would give him the day off or not. When Jack was scheduled to work at the pot shop on Sunday, I didn’t expect to see him at the apartment at all. When he showed up a few minutes before kick-off, everyone was surprised. Jack was the last person to arrive, but he was certainly the most famous guy at the party. Jack came right from the dispensary and he brought several party favors. He surprised everyone with a 7g joint that also had a whole gram of concentrate infused into the wrapper. It took an entire quarter for my friends and I to smoke the whole joint. I was completely and totally blitzed by the time we were done smoking the joint. I don’t even remember most of the third quarter. I think I fell asleep when the ball was returned and I didn’t wake up until after the fourth quarter two minute warning. Thankfully my team won the game. When Jack was getting ready to leave the party, I thanked the guy for coming and bringing lots of cool party supplies. The guy handed me another pre roll and told me to save it until the end of the night when everybody was gone.



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