Pot Edibles are super popular in the retirement home

I started a little sideline business from my house, where I would make and deliver cookies, brownies, or other pastries.

  • It was something I just started to do because of how much I loved doing it.

I was baking all these sweets anyway, so why not try and make some cash off of it? The only buyer I had for the longest time was our dear Aunt Ruby, who lives in an outdated folks house nearby. I think the main reason Ruby did it was to support me, and also to keep me coming by to visit her… One afternoon Aunt Ruby gave me a real bombshell of a plan – to start baking cannabis edibles instead, and selling them to the other outdated folks. Ruby explained to me that many of the senior citizens in the building enjoyed cannabis, however there was a particularly strict no-smoking policy in the stadium. This made sense, of course, because with so many residents who had diminished breathing capacity, any amount of cannabis smoke would be dangerous. The need for smokeless cannabis was wickedly high in this stadium, so the two of us decided it would be smart to take fortune of that. To be clear, Ruby and I weren’t “taking advantage” of the outdated folks, the two of us were assisting them by delivering cannabis edibles. The edibles made their lives a little better, and they didn’t mind spending a few bucks per edible treat. Aunt Ruby thought the two of us could expand to other outdated folks homes, too, however our hands were full just supplying edibles to 1 home! I would need to hire help, and buy a lot more cannabis, to expand our production the way Ruby envisioned.

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