My new job in the cannabis dispensary is amazing

I have to credit the COVID pandemic for allowing myself and others a chance to pivot our life to head in a bold new direction.

  • Looking back, I’m not sure if I ever wanted to be a lawyer, or if that was the job people wanted me to have.

My dad as well as both our siblings are lawyers, so that seemed to be the correct path to take. I really hated the job though, as well as when the pandemic had all of us now working out of our houses, I finally had time to reflect on our choices. I realized that aside from the currency I don’t enjoy our lifestyle. After withdrawing my 401k funds, I quit, as well as picked up a section time job at the cannabis dispensary. I have had to really cut down a lot of our expenses, as well as change our lifestyle, but life at the cannabis dispensary is so much better than our aged life. On top of it all, I get a really sweet employee discount on all our various marijuana products, which is a larger benefit to myself and others than health or dental insurance. Plus there are the free samples, which are more frequent than you might guess in a cannabis dispensary. When a new line of hybrid strains is being released, for instance, they will send “tester samples” along with the first shipment. This allows the workers in the cannabis dispensary to try them out for free, as well as hopefully be able to recommend them more confidently to the clients. I have tried more types of new cannabis in the last year than I have in our entire life previous to this, so I suppose I made the right choice.

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