My dog likes the supplements from the vet

When my dog was a puppy, she never had any problem with riding in the car. When she heard the keys jingle, she got excited and started running to the front door. After a while, she lost interest in riding in the car. Now she seems to have anxiety every time I take her to the vet or the groomer. I talked to the vet a couple of months ago when I took my dog in for a checkup and shots. The doctor suggested a supplement with CBD. CBD is one of 100 different cannabinoids found in the Cannabis sativa plant. CBD is safe for dogs, because it does not have any psychoactive effects. It is known to help a great deal with anxiety and stress. The CBD treats that I got from the vet are flavored like peanut butter. My dog absolutely loves peanut butter and she really loves the taste of the treats. I’m happy that she doesn’t have as much anxiety when we have to leave the house. I give her two CBD supplement treats about 30 minutes before we leave the house. I can tell the treats are working, because they make my dog tired. By the time we get to the car, she is very calm and relaxed. The CBD supplements don’t seem to have any bad effect on my dog and she generally seems much happier in the car now. I’ve been thinking about going on a two week car trip and these supplements might be the answer to both of us enjoying the trip.

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