Medical marijuana can help with many anxiety problems

He suggested a tincture or an edible.

I used to have a really tough time talking to my co-workers. I always had a fear of public speaking. Even when I was in college, I didn’t do very well in that class. I took it twice. But I think the professor probably felt bad for me after taking it twice and decided to give me a see so I could pass. Every time I get in front of a group of people, I freeze up and stumble on my words. I even Stutter from time to time. The anxiety problems and public speaking fear was really holding me back from a huge promotion at work. I needed to be able to present my ideas to the board without freaking out and crying. I spoke to my therapist about the problem for the first time ever. He suggested trying CBD or medical marijuana. Both products are easily accessed in this state, because we have legal medical and recreational marijuana stores. These stores sell products like medical and recreational marijuana and CBD products. The doctor told me to try a low dose product at first. He suggested a tincture or an edible. A very nice budtender at the cannabis dispensary helped me pick out a low-dose cannabis edible that was half THC and half CBD. I ate a whole one of the candies the next time I had to give a report in front of my co-workers. I certainly didn’t have any problems picturing all of them naked after I had a little bit of marijuana in my system. The meeting went really well for the first time ever.



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