I love a good sale and double dipping

Most marijuana dispensaries will not allow you to stack sale items and prices.

If you are a first-time customer and the savings is 30%, you can’t stack a daily 20% savings on top of that.

There are a couple of places that still allow stacking discounts, but it is extremely rare. A new pot shop opened on the 5th of May and I went to the shop a few days after the grand opening celebration. The special on that day was 15% off any edible cannabis products. When I heard about the sale, I started browsing the selection of edible cannabis products. The budtender came over to say hello and asked if I needed any additional help. He also reminded me that I was going to receive a first-time patient discount of 30%. She informed me that the sale was even stackable with the daily deal on edibles. That meant all of the Edibles would be almost half price for me. When I heard the amazing news, I immediately grabbed two of the chocolate bars that I was looking at. They were $45 each and certainly the type of purchase I wouldn’t normally make. Since the items were 45% off, they were a bit more affordable and in my price range. Of course, after trying the chocolate bars, I am completely and totally hooked. I still buy them once a week and most of the time I pay full price. I guess the first-time patient special and stacking really worked, because I am hooked on the chocolate bars.


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