I hope to get the manager position the cannabis dispensary

The aged director got turfed right over the iphone, right in front of me. It was bananas! Jerry as well as I were closing up the store for the day when the iphone rang. It was the regional director, calling from Seattle, as well as when I answered the guy informed myself and others he was about to fire Jerry, but not to say anything. He explained that after he fired Jerry I was to escort him out of the building as well as take his keys, then reset the security code after he had left, then Jerry did not take the news well, as well as it took myself and others an hour to get him out of the cannabis dispensary. After Jerry was gone I called the regional director back, who informed myself and others I was acting as the temp director of the cannabis dispensary until they found a replacement. I instantly said that I wanted to be in consideration for the job, as well as he told myself and others to demonstrate our management abilities by running the cannabis dispensary for the next month or so. It turns out that Jerry had been falsifying receipts so he could steal currency from the cannabis dispensary without anyone knowing. Obviously Jerry wasn’t as slick as he thought he was, as well as now he was fired, plus the dispensary owners were going to press charges against him! I went to the store the next day as well as tried to do everything I could to make the cannabis dispensary look amazing. I only had a few afternoons to impress the owners, so I started pushing sales, as well as coming up with some new promotions to get new customers into the cannabis dispensary. Wish us luck!



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