I get hungry more often with the help of marijuana

I have been dealing with cancer for the past three years.

My doctor found a tumor on my breast and it had to be removed.

I went through chemotherapy for a year. I was in remission for a while and then another tumor showed up in the other breast. This time I decided to have them removed in order to get rid of the ongoing cancer threat. While I have been going through chemotherapy this time, I haven’t had much of an appetite. I find it very difficult to keep anything down. Even 7Up and crackers makes my stomach feel upset. I haven’t had much of an appetite. In the past two months, I’ve lost 27 lb. I went to the doctor on a Monday and he told me that I need to start eating. He recommended a medical marijuana product to help. I was hesitant to try medical marijuana, even though I knew it would help with the cancer treatment. I was honestly afraid to get hooked on a drug. After using cannabis for several months, I know how silly I was being. It’s virtually impossible to get hooked on cannabis, but I absolutely love the way it makes me feel. I feel very calm and relaxed when I smoke a cannabis joint. The cannabis plant also makes me hungry. I get the munchies after smoking a joint and I find it easy to eat a number of items that would usually make my stomach upset. I eat pizza once a week, and the cheese used to make my stomach green.

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