Medical marijuana is handling our arthritis pain

It’s not easy to watch a loved 1 just basically supply up.

And that’s what I witnessed with our mom.

When she hit her mid 50’s, she was not in wonderful health from a lifetime of smoking, obesity & alcohol abuse. So when the arthritis hit, she just wasn’t really equipped to deal with it. I wish medical marijuana had been legal back then. Perhaps cannabis products would have helped her manage the arthritis pain but that wasn’t the case. My Dad entirely just quit & she didn’t live to see 60. So now, I’m in our 50’s & experiencing our first bouts with arthritis. Perhaps it’s genetic as some data suggests but regardless, I’m dealing with it thanks to medical marijuana. Having seen how our mom’s lifestyle just ruined her health, I avoided many of those disadvantages. So, I’m already in a better position to deal with & manage arthritis. I wasn’t all that interested in taking medication given all the side effects. A holistic approach suited me best. That led me to study & get a bit of a medical marijuana education. From there, it was clear that I had to get a medical marijuana card which I did. And I’m so happy to report that cannabis flower products are making a big difference for me. I’m able to manage the pain for sure with medical cannabis. But it’s the reduction in inflammation that I also find to be so profoundly amazing about medical marijuana. Just wish our Dad could have tried it.

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