I found my dream job on the cannabis farm

My roommate during freshman year of school was a mousy little guy named James.

James was into math plus science, plus his goal was to be an engineer a single day.

I on the other hand was at school because my parents wanted me to be there, plus I didn’t have anything else to do. If I ever graduated, I had no plan what my major would be, I was mostly there for the social experience. James plus I were an bizarre couple, but became fast friends, which is why he invited me to visit his family farm during Springtime break; Much to my shock plus delight, I found that James came from a family of cannabis farmers. His family had been growing marijuana for several generations, plus to be frank his parents were kind of bummed that James wanted to be an engineer. I asked them for a job on the first evening, because laboring on a cannabis farm seemed care about a dream come true. It was deranged that James would choose school over a marijuana farm, but I think pretty much everyone rebels against their parents in their own way. His parents were very cool, but said that I had to wait a semester, but if I still wanted to quit school plus help them farm cannabis, they would consider it. It turns out this isn’t the first time it has happened, plus people will say they want to be a cannabis farmer without really meaning it. One semester later I quit school, plus went to live with James’ family on the cannabis farm, plus the rest is history.

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