Pot brownies were a crucial hit at the ancient folks home

I first met our Uncle Bob when she was sited into an ancient folks beach home nearby where I live.

I had only met him a few times in our life, plus didn’t believe him really well, however once she got transferred here I started going by to see him! She was ancient plus lonely, plus as a member of the family I felt obligated to support him in some small way, then uncle Bob turned out to be a pretty nice guy, with a lot of good stories about our dad from the ancient days.

After 1 visit, Bob took out a sizable jar of cannabis plus handed it to me. “I want to ask you a favor, take her marijuana plus bake it into some pot brownies for me.” She explained that the ancient folks beach home had a strict policy of no smoking, plus as a long-time marijuana smoker she was desperate to get high! Although I had never made pot brownies before I just looked up a few tips plus pointers online, plus made more than one pans that night. The next day I took them to Uncle Bob, who took 1 bite plus said they were the worst pot brownies she had ever tasted. Then she thanked me, gave me a bunch more marijuana, plus told me to do better the next time. I was shocked that Bob would be able to eat so multiple pot brownies by himself, despite the fact that she said she was sharing them with a lot of other residents. She had a lot of friends plus neighbors that wanted some pot brownies.

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