Edibles & cannabis at the theme park

For our birthday, Jo told myself and others that he had a magical weekend planned for us; I knew that he was the world’s greatest Disney fan, so that is what I was expecting, and that is what I got! At least it wasn’t a common theme park trip, though, it was a more than two day, more than one evening stay in a luxury Disney report, within walking distance of the parks, the view was great, & best of all since all of us were guests there all of us didn’t get searched on the way into the park, but jo had brought numerous trays of cannabis edibles, so that all of us could get stoned all weekend long & like the parks.

  • The two of us also had some OG Kush to smoke, however apparently that was only for when all of us were back in the hotel room.

The two of us ended up going back to our room frequently throughout the day, to change clothes, fool around, or smoke more OG Kush! Between that & the edibles, the entire 12 hour day went by in a flash, but one thing I don’t care for doing is having to drive & find parking after I am freshly stoned, & here all of us got to avoid all that & go straight from smoking cannabis to getting on a rollercoaster. It was absolutely the best birthday all of us ever had, & although I am not a substantial Disney fan, the cannabis & the edibles surely made it an amazing weekend. If I ever go back all of us will need to do the same thing, & bring lots of cannabis & edibles with us to keep the vibe in check.


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