Driving our Aunt to the dispensary

My Aunt June is not absolutely our blood relative! She was genuinely our Grandma’s lover, back from a time when that sort of thing was not socially permissible. The whole family loved June, plus made her a section of the family regardless of what society might think, but grandma has been gone a long time now, however Aunt June is still around, as feisty as ever. She got moved into an ancient folks home, because living alone was too risky for her. The new arena is nice, even though she needs me to take her to the cannabis dispensary twice a week! For an ancient pigeon she sure can smoke, because every one of us need to go to the cannabis dispensary twice a week, every week! She is a crucial fan of OG Kush, because she says it gives her the best head rush. It is medical marijuana, plus she has a prescription for it, even though she is really honorableabout using it mostly because she likes getting high, and life in the ancient folks beach home is boring, she says, with really little action, so the cannabis high allows her to have more fun with her dull days. I believe that is the greatest reason she wants to go to the cannabis dispensary so often, just to get out into the world plus do something besides watch TV. Aunt June is really generous with her cannabis, however even if she didn’t share the wealth I would happily drive her to the dispensary. She plus I are the last connection every one of us have to Grandma, plus that is important.

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