There are CBD oil products in most of the stores near me

Now that we’re past the winter holidays, there are a lot of holiday-themed products in the clearance bins at local stores.

While I expect all of the tasty candy to be gone or picked-over for the good bits, sometimes a clearance aisle will behold something delicious like gingerbread flavored coffee or holiday-themed cereal.

This year I’m seeing a lot more items at 75% off now that it’s a week past New Years Day. Surprisingly, the local grocery and drug stores have various CBD products on sale, despite the high demand and high prices during the rest of the year. I never wanted to risk trying CBD skin balm when it was still $35 for a single jar; but, seeing it at just $10 after a New Year’s sale made me jump on the opportunity. It was a good skin cream product and definitely helped with my hand arthritis, but I wanted to try something different. Although there are CBD oil products in most of the stores and gas stations in my area, few are selling CBD hemp flower products. Hemp flowers are the basis for CBD oil extractions if you want to sell federally-compliant CBD products instead of the ones found in legal cannabis states for those markets individually. The hemp flower buds contain many of the same terpenes that you’d find in traditional marijuana, so the aroma is unmistakably amazing. You could definitely fool someone with the looks and smell alone, but I also find the effects to be pleasantly mellow. I had to go on the internet to find quality hemp flower buds that are lab tested and not grown with harmful pesticides.


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