My friend Pat plus myself were in an accident last week

Ever since my friend Pat plus myself were in a car accident, I’ve had a strenuous time getting back behind the wheel of my own vehicle.

I wasn’t driving at the time of the accident, although I still have flashbacks each and every morning.

The car just came out of nowhere plus hit us on the side at 50 mph. Our car rolled over various times, however thankfully both of us ended up on the tires. I work as a marijuana delivery driver, although I haven’t been very successful lately. It takes twice as long to make my deliveries, because I don’t want to travel too fast. It was raining on Thursday night plus then I had 8 marijuana deliveries. I told my boss that I was unable to complete the deliveries. The boss told myself and others to go home. The next morning I went to work early plus I talked to the boss about the car accident. I didn’t want to lose my job at that marijuana dispensary, although I needed some more time away from driving. The employer understood my reasons plus didn’t ask a ton of questions. She recommended a therapist that might be able to help myself and others start getting over the accident. The next morning I was on the schedule inside of the dispensary. The boss said she would put myself and others on the schedule to work inside of the cannabis dispensary instead of as a delivery lady as long as I need, however she also urged me to find some help. I really don’t suppose I can sit down on a couch plus tell a shrink about my problem.


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