I follow them on social media now

I have every social media platform.

I am on instagram, twitter, tick tock and facebook. If there’s a new social media opportunity, I try it. I follow various people for various reasons. I follow some people for cooking ideas, health advice, comedy or just to see what celebrities are up to. One of the new places that I follow is the local cannabis dispensary. They hired a search engine optimization company to provide web design and social media platforms. It was a smart investment on their part. I enjoy keeping up with the dispensary because they offer deals of the day. Every morning, there is something on sale or a new product getting introduced. I receive updates before the general public now. Since the dispensary received a website facelift, they added online buying options too. So when I see one of the edibles I like half off just for the day, I immediately hop onto the website and place an order. It is set up really well. My debit card info, and delivery address are all included in my profile. I simply click on products I want and choose pay now. Most often, I get the products I order that same day. The dispensary charges a small fee for that convenience, but I feel it is worth it. I can place an order from anywhere I happen to be. Whether I’m home at the office or tucked into bed, I can look up the dispensaries website. I love how easy it is. Professional web design was a great idea for the cannabis dispensary. I bet their business is growing quickly.



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