Helping cannabis website ranks

I work in SEO.

That stands for search engine optimization.

What I do is to help websites rank higher on google. I use keywords and link them to the website. If I am working on SEO for a cannabis dispensary, I might choose keywords such as tincture, edibles, cannabis flower and pre-roll to the site. I also will link facts about the location where the dispensary is situated. I can even include multi-location digital SEO strategies for these dispensaries. The actual website design is an independent department of the SEO business. I stick with coding and working behind the scenes. The web team is stuck taking customer calls and making updates to the websites. I believe dispensary SEO and web designs are harder. The websites need to include a lot of specific information. There are nearly endless cannabis brands, strains and consumption methods available. Each product needs to include theTHC and CBD percentages. Additionally, there are warnings to include. Some dispensaries offer bakeries, dab bars, vape lounges and work stations. They might provide the convenience of in-store or curbside pick up. A few have now added delivery services. The web team needs to make all the information available on the site. For me, knowing more about the company is helpful. The more keywords I can link to the site, the better the rankings. I sometimes rely on PPC if there are no other options. I am not overly fond of the idea of paying for clicks. I prefer more organic results for my clients. I know that if I approach SEO from the right angle, I can make a difference for them.

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