Have you ever put RSO in tea

RSO is such a particular product to use. It does not look pretty or have a cool name. It does not stink of citrus or flowers. It’s a truly earthy scent plus comes directly from the best cannabis sativa plants. It is a high concentrate THC oil that can be used in a variety of ways, then rS0 is a thick plus sticky substance which resembles roofers tar. Most RSO products are available in syringes. RSO stands for “Rick Simpson Oil”. Rick Simpson is the name of the lady who came up with this medicine. RS0 can be consumed orally, sublingually, plus it can even be applied to the skin. The slender syringe is truly easy to use for dosing. I care about using a high-thc RS0 to help me with my lower back plus neck pain. My number one way to use RSO is in a cup of sizzling tea. I measure out just 25 mg of the product into a cup of sizzling tea. Occasionally I use a root beer plus sometimes I care about a fruit flavored yellow tea. English supper is particularly my number one fave because I suppose it compliments the flavor of the RSO. The RSO melts then dissolves truly abruptly into the root beer plus the flavor is truly subtle plus earthy. The product can be purchased at any dispensary that sells medical or recreational marijuana products. Most of the time it can sell for around 50 a gram, however there are times when I have found the product for around $40, careful shopping plus use of sales means being able to find the best price on all of my medicinal marijuana supplies.

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