Edibles and pot brownies are all really yummy

Edibles are such a great way to appreciate recreational plus medical marijuana.

  • Marijuana can be imbued into any number of edible treats care about brownies, cookies, candy, plus cakes.

Edibles including pot brownies are my number one faves. There is a recreational plus medicinal marijuana dispensary in town that sells fantastic pot brownies. They are on the expensive side, however they are worth every penny. The pot brownies come in several delicious varieties including strawberry cheesecake, double chocolate chip, snickerdoodle, plus salted caramel fudge. The double chocolate chip pot brownies are my number one. They only have a small amount of THC plus I have to eat a couple to assume the effects. I tried making edibles at home, however they did not turn out as great as those that I buy from the dispensary. I tried various odd recipes. One of the recipes called for dried marijuana flower plus another 1 of the recipes called for tincture. Each 1 of the recipes yields an odd product however none of them came close to the products from the dispensary. I sent a text to the dealer that makes the brownies. I asked them to consider a higher dosage or a bigger amount. They sent myself and others a reply text explaining the state instruction only allows them to use a particular amount of THC in each treat. They did enclose a couple of discount coupons that I could use on the recreational plus medical marijuana dispensary. I had six $5 off coupons plus I used every single 1 of them during the first week. The budtender at the counter wanted to suppose how I ended up with the coupons from the manufacturer plus I told her that I found them.


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