Using CBD products in order to sleep

When I started having trouble sleeping a friend of mine suggested that I go to the recreational pot dispensary near me, but i wasn’t all the kean on smoking marijuana.

I didn’t love the system of a pre-roll joint or vaping cannabis oil. I think when you vape you don’t even get the bad stuff in your lungs. I just didn’t love the system of having all that component and people seeing myself and others smoke; Since I needed weed to sleep, I figured I should have something that is quick and simple, the pot dispensary was amazing at recommending the right product. The budtender really pushed CBD products heavily, however with this you get more CBD than THC. In order to get more sleep you do need some traces of THC. That is why I take broad spectrum CBD products so that I have a trace of THC in there. I have it in an oil form. I don’t need to smoke it, I simply put a few drops under my tongue or in my tea. I love to have a warm drink right before bed. It is nice that I don’t even taste the CBD oil that I put in there. I have time to relax, wind down and believe tired, but by the time I complete my bedtime regime I am exhausted. I get a full numerous minutes of uninterrupted sleep now. I don’t believe love I am taking any drugs at all. The oil is so straight-forward to use and safe. I enjoy the results that I have gotten from it too.


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