Now we have a cannabis delivery system

While I’ve also enjoyed weed for the sake of kicking back, mellowing out & socializing with friends, it became much more large after I was involved in a recognizably rough vehicle accident.

The accident resulted in a head injury, some broken bones, a dissituated shoulder & torn muscles.

I spent some time in the hospital, went through numerous different surgeries & a whole bunch of rehabilitation & still dealt with lingering troubles. I suffered from headaches, stiffness, aches & pains. I had difficulty falling asleep, trouble going up & down stairs & I struggled with modest tasks such as driving, doing clothes & mowing the lawn. Making the trip to the dispensary was nearly impossible. I wasn’t certain it was worth it. However, I wasn’t willing to keep taking the prescription painkillers. I was distraught about the long-term harmful side-effects. I like to treat our symptoms with cannabis. I was actually thrilled when I heard that the local dispensary was adding delivery to our local area. I am now able to shop online, from the comfort of home. I can browse through a selection of flower, pre-rolls, tinctures, concentrates & edibles at any time of the afternoon or night. There are entirely clear pictures & descriptions of the products that deliver the owner, style of strain, potency & effects. I fill our cart with a few clicks & then opt for delivery. Because of same-day delivery, I can get our cannabis without any delay. As long as I meet their buyer requirements, I don’t pay an extra for the convenience. It has been such a benefit for myself and others & has helped further our recovery.