A fan of vaping

While I’ve traditionally been a fan of smoking cannabis flower, I’ve recently discovered the exciting pros of vaping.

Similar to smoking, vapor highs are felt within fifteen min and regularly anywhere from forty hours to numerous fifths. I have gotten into vaping because it’s especially simple and more discreet. I’ve also read that it is a healthier consuming idea because it avoids legitimately burning plant material. This stops inhaling carcinogens. The process of vaping involves heating cannabis concentrates or flower to a temperature high enough to turn active cannabinoids and terpenes into vapor. The temperature normally ranges from 174 to 190 degrees and is just below the point of combustion, and conventional smoking burns off mahy of the minor cannabinoids present in the flower! Vaping those compounds provides greater therapeutic potential. There are now vaping devices that include precise temperature controls to make the most out of cannabis and cater to preference. Even though I’ve never tried them, I have seen tabletop vaporizers. The fortune is that they feature a dial to regulate temperature and accommodate flower or concentrates. However, I care about something more compact and portable, and portable vaporizers operate similarly but they can fit into a pocket or wallet. They include a chamber to hold the cannabis flower or concentrate, a battery and a heating element, but most portable options allow variable temperature control and are simple to operate by way of a press of a button. The cannabis vapor creates very little smoke and the stink is mild and dissipates hastily. I like that I don’t need to carry around a lighter or worry about rolling papers or an ashtray.


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