The delivery service is easy to use, but they only take cash

It’s really easy to buy recreational and medical marijuana products in the state where I currently live. Recreational and medical marijuana products have been legalized for several years. There are dispensaries and cannabis shops all over the state. There are a number of dispensaries in small towns and villages, but the variety and massive numbers are found in the city. My friends and I usually order all of our cannabis supplies from a shop located in the same town as our apartment. The cannabis shop does not have a physical location. They are only a delivery service. The delivery service is very easy to use. They have an online website that is easy to navigate and user-friendly. It’s simple to add items to the cart and the website remembers your cart items for a period of 24 hours. The only bad thing about the delivery service is the fact that they only take cash. Even if your order is $200, they make you use cash. I think it might be due to state laws, but it is still a huge pain. I have to remember to stop at the ATM to grab cash before I go home and order from the recreational and medical marijuana store. One time I forgot to stop at the ATM and I thought they would make an exception and allow me to use my debit card. Instead, they postponed the order until I had enough cash to pay all of the fees. I had to drive to the store in the rain and the ATM cost me three bucks.

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