The budtender needed to learn more about cannabis strains

I’ve never worked in a dispensary, but I know for sure that blue dream is a sativa

When my friends and I visited a recreational marijuana state, we went to a dispensary to pick up a few items. My friends and I used marijuana regularly, but we never had the opportunity to visit a real dispensary until that weekend. My friends and I had to present our identification cards to the security officer at the front door. I was afraid we would not be able to purchase marijuana because we did not live in that state. The security guard assured me that everyone can purchase recreational marijuana as long as they have a valid state issued ID or medical marijuana card. My friends and I walked into the store and we were totally amazed by all of the products available for purchase. The cannabis dispensary had an entire wall filled with recreational cannabis treats. I wasn’t particularly interested in any of the edibles, but I absolutely wanted to try some of the top shelf flower products. I asked the budtender if she could point me out to the hybrid and indica strains. She showed me a couple of different items and one of them was a stream called Blue Dream. I told the budtender that I was looking for an indica and she tried to convince me that blue dream was an Indica hybrid. I’ve never worked in a dispensary, but I know for sure that blue dream is a sativa. The budtender clearly needed to learn more about her profession, because she clearly didn’t know the difference between an indica and a hybrid. Even my friends know the difference between the two.

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