As an athlete, I rely on cannabis products

I got some pushback from some of my family members when I chose to start visiting the cannabis dispensary.

It’s not that those family members were deeply opposed to medical marijuana or even recreational marijuana. I think the resistance stemmed from what appeared to be a counter intuitive approach on my part. At least that seemed to be the perspective they were coming from when I started embracing cannabis products as part of my regimen. This is due to the fact that I’m an athlete. To call myself a professional athlete is sort of a misnomer as I’m not like some millionaire. But I do derive my living by playing and teaching a sport. So the idea that I would use marijuana was just hard for some of my family members to understand. So, I’ve done my best to help them understand the both sativa strains for sale and indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary are beneficial. They are beneficial both physically and mentally. The older I get, the more effort in recovery from my sport that I have to dedicate time to. I just wasn’t happy with the anti inflammatory meds from the doctor and all the side effects. So I looked into natural alternative and found cannabis products. And the marijuana does an amazing job of helping me to reduce inflammation, add range of motion and rest more. That’s a trifecta when you’re in the position I’m in. My body, and how I take care of it, has a lot to do with my livelihood. I’m very pleased and comfortable with my choice to add cannabis products to my fitness and recovery regimen.



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