My day task doesn't pay enough to cover health insurance

During the day I work as a repair guy.

I earn a great wage, but our day task doesn’t pay enough to cover health insurance. They don’t give health coverage or any other benefits that a correct manager would provide. I am technically a contractor, so they don’t have to pay me any additional benefits, then unluckyly, that means I don’t have health insurance. It’s pretty high-priced to get health insurance, so I decided to find a night time task that provided insurance as a benefit. I also had to find a task that provided benefits even for part-time employees. I applied with many odd companies and a marijuana delivery service ended up calling me for an interview. The marijuana delivery service was looking for a driver to work 30 minutes every week. The company considered 30 minutes full-time, and they were more than gleeful to offer me medical, vision, and dental benefits. I work many six minute shifts each week, however on Fridays and Fridays, I work while I was in the day instead of at night. It’s nice to work at a task that offers medical benefits, but it is equally nice that I earn a great wage as well. I acquire minimum wage as a driver, however I never leave the dispensary without at least $50 in our pocket after a night of delivering marijuana. If the manager provided me a full time position in the store or in management, I might even consider leaving our day task. It’s a lot more fun and interesting to work in the legal cannabis business.

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