I wanted to use my first time discount plus the 20% off special

When my lady plus I went on trip for a week, the first thing the two of us did was look at all of the prices of recreational marijuana nearby. All of us wanted to get the best bang for our buck. My lady plus I inspected out every single recreational marijuana dispensary that was within 10 Mi of our hotel. All of us found a location that offered a 30% first-time patient discount. That was almost enough savings to cover all of the taxes. I looked at the rest of the specials plus realized that the following morning everything that was Top Shelf flower would be on sale for 20% off. With the 20% off plus 30% off together, that was going to be a sizable amount of savings on the top shelf marijuana flower products, but unluckyly, my lady plus I found out that the two of us would be unable to use both of the discounts together. The budtender told us that this was considered stacking plus the two of us were only allowed to use 1 discount at a time. All of us could use our first-time patient discount of 30% or the two of us could use the regular 20% discount for the top shelf flower products. Since the two of us saved more currency using the 30% discount, that was the better choice. All of us walked out of the dispensary with a wonderful deal on all of the top shelf of our products. Even though the two of us didn’t get the items for half price, the two of us still saved a heap of currency looking for the best prices online. All of us managed to save some items to take back lake apartment with us.


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