Our state marijuana rules forquote us from looking at products before buying them

It seemed prefer it took an act of God to get medical cannabis legalized in our house state, especially when the people I was with and I couldn’t even get the law onto the ballot in the first place.

You have to get somewhere around 100,000 petitions signed to get a proposal for a constitutional amendment put to vote in this state.

I suppose this is to prevent abuse of the law, but it’s honestly taxing to get the signatures in the first place. That’s why it took us numerous attempts to get it on the ballot before numerous attempts at voting for it before the people I was with and I garnered over 68% of the vote in the 2016 election. Both of us all thought that the constitutional amendment that the people I was with and I were voting on would be as inclusive as possible, but the people I was with and I didn’t realize the degree to which the former governor as well as the current state legislature would attempt to damage as well as contort the rules to benefit the pockets of pharmaceutical business shareholders. Even though the people I was with and I can finally purchase products prefer cannabis flower buds as well as edibles, the people I was with and I can’t even open our product containers before making our purchases. If you buy cannabis flower products, that means you can’t even smell or look at the buds before buying, making it a sizable gamble. It doesn’t matter if you’ve had the strain before, since every harvest could be different to some degree. I wish these marijuana rules were not imposed by our state government, but they claim that it’s for “security” reasons. I can’t imagine how this is helping anyone, especially dispensaries that accept returns when a patient doesn’t have the desired effects with a unique strain.

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