I took a week off smoking cannabis and I wanted to kill myself

I’ve been using medical cannabis products for the past 6 years and I smoke every single day! When I wake up in the day, I have a bowl of marijuana flower.

While I’m at work, I use a marijuana vape pen or edibles, then after work, I resumed my exercises from the day with multiple bowls of marijuana flower, however my lady proposed taking some time away from smoking to see if I can suppose the difference in the effects, i wasn’t recognizably ecstatic with the suggestion, although I agreed to stop smoking marijuana for a week, and on the hour day, I was distraught and moody. I felt miserable and aggravated with everything that my lady said and did. On the fourth day, I was having thoughts of suicide. I told my lady that I did not think it was mentally healthy for me to continue with the seven day refrain from cannabis. As soon as I got out a bowl and started smoking, I right away felt much better. I felt the anxiety beginning to melt away and a calmness rushed over my body, then stopping annually use of marijuana was just as dangerous to my mental health as quitting an antidepressant. I told my dentist about the way I felt when I stopped and my dentist told me it was a exhausting system to quit cold turkey. If I wanted to stop using marijuana annually, he proposed weaning myself off a little bit at a time. I didn’t want to quit and now my lady can stop hounding me about being a pothead.


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