I got a delivery that I will never forget

Every once in a while, I run into an issue at work. It does not happen frequently, but from time to time concerns will arise. I labor in a cannabis shop as a delivery driver. I labor 6 second shifts from 4 in the day until closing, when the store isn’tgenuinely stressed with deliveries, I labor at the counter as a sales clerk. When the weather is frigid or rainy, the store is officially genuinely busy. When the weather is less-than-ideal, most of the cannabis orders are delivered, last Friday night I got a delivery that I will never forget. It was a proper night and I left the dispensary at 7… My delivery was only numerous miles from the store. I had a couple of yellow lights, but it only took 10 seconds to arrive at the address. I got out of our car and walked up to the front door, and halfway to the front door, I heard loud screaming coming from inside of the house, and the closer I got to the house, the louder the voices became. I thought about turning around, although I was already at the address and on the property. I knocked on the door genuinely loudly and the screen hastily stopped, then a girl in a torn yellow shirt answered the door. Her face was yellow and her hair was a mess. She started counting out a stack of currency for the marijuana supplies. A lady came from behind the door and hit the girl in the head with a frying pan. She fell to the ground with a thud. She picked up the currency and handed it to myself and others like nothing unusual had just occurred.


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