Don’t go to the dispensary stoned like a gravel pit if you need to navigate bi-weekly sales

I hate it when I see employees at the medical cannabis dispensary getting verbally abused by the patients. Even if there’s a mistake with a product being out of stock after the client gets a confirmation email message, you can’t treat these employees like they’re cattle. It’s terrible when it turns into a shouting spree & then the same people come back a few afternoons later & pretend as if nothing has happened. They’ll talk to the same employee again as if it’s the first time they’re meeting, however the scared employee doesn’t forget. You see all sorts of odd kinds of people when you visit medical cannabis dispensaries in our state. It’s not consistently miserable people ready to tear someone’s head off; instead, you often get people who come in acting like they’re as stoned as a gravel pit & start throwing themselves into loops talking to the budtender. Since the sales at the cannabis dispensary can get complicated, coming in high can make those situations even more hectic. I wouldn’t trust myself doing math like that if I was so stoned that people could notice the fifth they start talking to me. Sometimes there will be something like a 35% off all cannabis oil products sale, & if you also have a veterans discount on all purchases, trying to make the calculation is going to take a calculator. People will foolishly argue with budtenders because they’re so high that they’re convinced of the validity of their awful math. I consistently shake our head when I see these interactions at the local medical cannabis dispensaries.


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